Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

This is a quick post that will cover whether you can overdose on marijuana or not. Here we go:

The Truth

Many people wonder if you can overdose on marijuana. The answer to that is no. There has never been a recorded fatality caused by marijuana. If you smoke too much marijuana, the worst that might happen is a “bad high” or some unwanted symptoms. And if you do experience a “bad high,” then there are ways to calm it down. But the chance of you dying from smoking too much marijuana is very slim.

One study that was done on marijuana showed that it would take around 40,000 times the normal amount of marijuana consumed in one hour to kill someone. This extremely high lethal dose amount is the reason why you cannot overdose on marijuana (it’s just near impossible).

Other Facts

Yes, marijuana does have some negative effects on the body/ brain. From damaging motor skills to encouraging memory loss, marijuana may negatively affect your body, but it will never kill you. That doesn’t mean go out and smoke weed until you pass out. Whenever you are smoking, just be smart and realize when you have hit your limit.

Those who may believe that they or someone they know has overdosed on weed before may have been smoking something else. There is another drug out there that looks very similar to weed, and is even treated like weed by some, but is very deadly. This is synthetic weed, which is commonly known as spice or K2. Stay away from this stuff! You can overdose on synthetic cannabis and die if you use it.

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That’s all for this post. I told you it would be short! That is because the answer is so clear! Not one person in history has ever died from direct cannabis use, either smoking, eating, vaping or any other method. It cannot kill you directly, remember that. Thanks for reading!

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