Can Dogs Get High?

As the legalization of marijuana continues to sweep the globe, access to marijuana is becoming easier and easier. This means that more and more dog owners are using marijuana, and the chances of those dogs getting ahold of some has increased as well. But is it safe for a dog to consume marijuana? And if they do, what are the effects on them?

Before you go out and give your dog some marijuana, thinking that they will enjoy it like you do, please read this post. It will give you all the details that you need in order to know what to do in the case of a dog and some weed. We also added a bunch of dog photos for you to enjoy as well.

Pug & Bud

Is Marijuana Safe For Dogs?

So the main question here is whether marijuana is safe for dogs or not. The answer is no. However, some cases are worse than others. In some cases, you may see little to no change in your dog’s behavior and/or health. But in other cases, the dog might need to be rushed to the vet.

Think about this, if you smoke weed, you know that you will get high. Dogs, however, do not know what they are getting into. There is no way to tell a dog to relax and enjoy the weed (maybe in the future). With that being said, a dog can become very sick when getting high. So yes, a dog can get high, but they probably won’t enjoy it.

Even if it is okay to give your dog some marijuana, do you think that smoking would be good for them? The answer to that is also no. Second hand smoke for a dog is just as bad as it is for a person. Dogs can get a contact high from smoke being blown in their faces. Smoke, however, poses many health risks, even in humans. So, if you are determined to get your dog high and nothing will stop you, then at least do it a different way than blowing smoke at them.

Dog In The Weed Farm

Effects On A Dog

If a dog does consume some marijuana, then it may experience a few effects. Most of these effects, unfortunately, are not positive for a dog. In some cases, exposure to marijuana can permanently affect a dog and its health.

One symptom shown from a dog that has consumed marijuana is ataxia. Ataxia is the loss of coordination, or in other words having a “drunk walk”. The dog may be very uncoordinated for awhile. The dog may also experience incontinence, which is when they cannot control urination or defecation (so keep him outside). Dogs exposed to marijuana may also be hypersensitive to touch and sounds. These effects can last anywhere from 12-24 hours.

If your dog does show these symptoms, it might be best to take it to your local veterinarian. One test done on a dog that had consumed marijuana showed that the dog’s heart rate was slower than usual, and that the dog had a lower temperature. The vet gave the dog the proper treatment that it needed, and it was able to have a quick recovery.

Another thing to watch out for is if your dog gets ahold of some edibles. Since many edibles contain chocolate and/or sugar, this can pose a threat to your dog’s life. Both chocolate and sugar are dangerous for a dog to consume, as they should never consume either. Make sure to put your edibles away somewhere that your dog cannot get ahold of.

THC has little to no benefits for dogs. And since most strains of marijuana contain a high amount of THC, then that means that marijuana should probably not be given to your dog. CBD, on the other hand, may actually help a dog out.

CBD & Dogs

While THC might not be a good thing for dogs, CBD is just fine for them. Recent research done on CBD has begun to unveil the benefits that it holds for dogs. CBD can even be used as an alternative treatment for some medications given by veterinarians. For example, CBD can be given to a dog to help treat cancer, seizures, or even anxiety.

In addition, CBD cannot give a dog any psychoactive effects (meaning dogs can’t get high from CBD). So, a dog who consumes CBD is less likely to get sick from getting high compared to a dog who consumes THC (and less likely to experience the effects above). Make sure you give your pet CBD, and not THC.

Here’s a list of health conditions that CBD can help treat within dogs:

  • cancer
  • seizures
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • stress
  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • gastrointestinal issues

If you notice any of these symptoms from your dog, try giving them some CBD (and not some of your weed).

Yorkie With A Baggie

Since CBD is only a chemical compound, it is best to give your dog CBD oil or CBD edibles, and not marijuana that contains CBD. In fact, CBD edibles are probably the best way to get a dog to consume CBD. Let’s face it, most dog owners may have a hard time getting their dog’s mouth to open so they can drop some CBD oil in there. Instead, get them an edible that they will want to eat.

Pet Edibles

Here at Reefer Post, you can find many different ways to make your own edibles. As you may be thinking, you can also make your own edibles that are safe for your dog. A great way to do this is by figuring out what foods are safe for a dog, then get to cooking!

Click here for some tips on making edibles for your dog!

Don’t want to make your own edibles? Would you rather purchase some CBD edibles for your dog? Well, that is also an option! Locate the nearest store to you that sells CBD. Many of them carry edibles that are made for pets (including dogs). This way, you know that the edibles will be safe to give to your dog, just make sure they say for pets!

Buddy The Dog

To summarize this post, make sure to give your dog CBD, and not THC. Also, it is not a good idea to smoke with your dog. If your dog does get high and becomes sick, take them to the vet immediately. Thanks for reading!

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