How to Build a Tolerance from Smoking Marijuana

Have you ever been smoking and realized that you cannot smoke as much as the next person? Or maybe you want to experience a strong high, but you cannot take big hits because your lungs are not used to it. Whatever the case may be, we all started with “baby lungs.”

What is “baby lungs?” Well, you can probably guess what it is. If someone has “baby lungs,” that means they have not been smoking for long. Unable to take big hits, smoke a lot of marijuana, or hold in hits are all signs that someone has “baby lungs.” But some people want to be able to smoke a lot of marijuana and also handle it.

So how does one go about doing this? Well, this post will give you some tips on building up your smoking tolerance and help you get rid of those “baby lungs!” Building up your tolerance is very similar to working out, you just have to do it more and more to get better. Once you build your tolerance up, it is easy to keep it up, just keep smoking!

Smoke More Often

This is probably the most obvious tip, but try to smoke more often! By that I mean smoke more than you usually do. Let’s say, as an example, you only smoke one gram a week and you want to start smoking one gram a day (for whatever reason). Start smoking one gram twice a week. Then speed it up to every other day. After a few weeks, you will be able to smoke a gram every day with no problems!

If you were to try to jump to smoking a lot before easing into it, then you would realize how much you have “baby lungs.” Smoking a lot without building a tolerance will not kill you, you can’t even overdose on marijuana! However, there might be some negative effects that happen. For instance, if you smoke more than you can handle, you might end up having a coughing attack, which could burn your throat from all that coughing. Another thing that could happen is you might get a too-intense high and not be able to handle it. If that happens, just click the link on the line above and follow my tips on how to calm it.

Increase The Amount That You Smoke

Along with smoking more often, you should also increase the amount that you smoke. As another example, let’s say you wanted to go from smoking a gram a day to 5 grams a day. Well first, you should increase the amount little by little. You can take it slow and go from a gram a day to a gram and a half a day then to two grams a day. But if you want to speed it up, then increase your amount every day by one gram. You’ll be puffing away at five grams like nothing before you know it!

And don’t just increase how much weed you smoke, also increase how much weed you smoke in every hit. By that I mean take bigger hits. If you are smoking out of a bong, bubbler, pipe, or steamroller, try taking snappers to increase those hits. Not only will you build up your tolerance like this, but you will also get much higher, and will be getting the most out of your marijuana.

Build A Routine

Once you get the hang of smoking more and increasing how much you smoke, you are going to have to keep that up for your tolerance to stay up. Tolerance will not keep itself up. Once you slow down on smoking or quit altogether, your tolerance will be back to nothing. So, make a routine of smoking marijuana if you want to keep it up.

Many people have a routine of smoking like this: go to work for the day, come home, relax, and smoke some marijuana. And they will do this every day. Maybe you only want to smoke on the weekends? Well then build your routine around that. Every Saturday and Sunday, smoke up!

These are just some examples of smoking routines. Of course, everyone has their schedule and cannot always follow someone else’s routine. That’s perfectly fine, build your routine and form it the way that you want it. Remember, this tolerance will affect nobody besides yourself, so make it how you want it.

Following these three tips thoroughly will help you build up that tolerance in no time! You will be able to smoke however much you want, whenever you want. And, you will also get rid of those “baby lungs.” Need some more tips on smoking, then click here!

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