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Ever think about a bubbler and how it is different from any other glass piece, but at the same time is very similar to some pieces? For instance, a bubbler is like a combination of a pipe and a bong (more detail on this later in the post). But why do a review on bubblers and not any other glass piece? Well, I may do other glass piece reviews shortly, but I chose Bubblers because they seem to be unique to me.

What Is A Bubbler?

If you are not sure what a bubbler is, then take a look at this one below:

Clear Glass Smoking Bubbler
Clear glass smoking bubbler.

This bubbler, owned by a Reefer Post author (me), can be viewed on our Instagram page. It has a nice design to it with six small black balls, three going up the stem and three on the side, that are just for looks. Water is poured inside about halfway up the bubbler (not including the stem). The opening on the top is the bowl, where the marijuana is placed. The carb on the bubbler is located on the left side. If you are looking at the picture above, it is on the side facing the camera. It is sort of hard to see, but if you look closely you can see a small hole near the bowl, that’s the carb!

Using A Bubbler

To use a bubbler, simply cover the carb with your finger, light the bowl, inhale through the stem, uncover the carb, and then inhale the rest of the smoke. If you have ever used a pipe before, just hit it the same way that you would a pipe. It is very easy to use a bubbler; unlike a bong, you do not have to pull out the bowl to clear it.

Compared to a pipe, bubblers are a healthier and safer option. Any glass piece that includes water filtration (meaning smoke must go through water to get to your mouth) is a healthier option. This is because the water helps to clean out the smoke. You do not have to use clean water all the time, but it is recommended. Also, the water will stop any small amounts of weed from entering your mouth (nobody wants that). With a pipe, you are inhaling raw smoke that has no water to clean it. This smoke will not kill you, but if you are all about healthy ways to smoke, then stick to a bubbler or bong.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, a bubbler is like a combination of a bong and a pipe. Even by just looking at each of those three glass pieces you can tell that a bubbler is very similar to each. It is only different from a bong in the sense that you do not pull the bowl out, you have a carb instead (just like a pipe). Also, bongs have a detachable downstem, and bubblers do not. So, most bongs have three separate pieces, while bubblers are all one piece (again like a pipe). When it comes to sizes, bubblers are generally larger than pipes, but smaller than bongs. There are exceptions to this, however, since some pipes can be larger than bongs and some bongs can be smaller than pipes. It all depends on who made the piece.

Safety Tips

When owning a glass bubbler, you must be careful with it. Remember, it is made of glass and can easily break. This goes for any glass piece. With bubblers, the most common place for them to break is where the stem is attached to the bowl. That small opening has been known to break a bubbler into two if not taken care of properly. If too much pressure is applied to the top of the stem, it can cause the stem to break off from the bubbler.

Reefer Post’s bubbler broke just a few months after it was purchased (sadly). It broke because of how it was stored. It was always left in a small carry bag. However, a glass mason jar full of marijuana was placed on top of the stem. After a while, the weight of the jar was too much for the bubbler and caused the stem to break off. This is an example, and a warning, of how a bubbler can easily break. So I suggest not leaving anything on top of your bubbler when storing it.

Another tip for storing it is to wrap it in a rag or a towel. This will prevent it from rubbing against something else and scratching it up. You do not have to do this, but it will keep your bubbler looking clean. It may also prevent it from cracking the glass or even breaking.

So, what do you think about bubblers? Leave a comment below! I love bubblers because they are simple and easy to use. And if you cannot decide on whether to use a pipe or a bong, just go for the combination of the two and use a bubbler! Click here to learn about other glass pieces and different ways to smoke.

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  1. That’s good to know that the glass would break easily. I would think that would mean that you would want to be a bit gentle while loading it. I’ll have to make sure to not drop it as well if I decide to get a glass pipe.


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