Breaking Down Marijuana: Hand vs. Grinder

Whenever you smoke marijuana, no matter what you are smoking, you have to break it down first. There are two ways to break down your weed: by using your hands or using a grinder. Each way offers different results. When you use your hands, you tend to get popcorn nugs, but when you use a grinder you can get a shake. But what is the difference and why should you care? Well if you smoke marijuana, then keep reading!

There are reasons to use your hands to break down marijuana instead of using a grinder, and vice versa. Some smoking options work better when you use your hands, and others work better when a grinder is used. Some people do not always have a grinder on them, however, so sometimes you just have to use your hands. This is okay because you can use your hands for any way to smoke (some ways may just work better with a grinder).

Using Your Hands

When you use your hands to break down marijuana, you want to make sure that you break it down as small as you can. If the marijuana is not broken down enough and is still in big nugs, then it will not burn properly and can result in uneven burning or even not being able to hit it at all. The best method for doing this is to roll small nugs around between your fingers while also squeezing them to make those nugs break up into smaller pieces. For bigger nugs, just break them in pieces with your hands, then when they get smaller use the method above to make them even smaller.

As mentioned before, using your hand to break down marijuana is better in some cases than using a grinder. For example, if you are smoking bowls or snappers (out of a bong, pipe, bubbler, etc.), then you should use your hands to break down the marijuana. If you use a grinder, the marijuana may get broken down too small and may fall into the small hole inside the bowl. This only results in losing some of your weed, which is not a good thing.

Also, if you are going to smoke a blunt, then your marijuana should be broken down with your hands. If a grinder breaks it down too small, you may have weed falling out of the ends of your blunt. Or, you could accidentally inhale small pieces of weed when you hit the blunt. Nobody wants either of those to happen, so stick to using your hands when you roll up a blunt.

If you are rolling a joint and it comes with a filter, then you can either use your hands or a grinder. Joint filters are designed to stop any small pieces of weed from leaving the joint when it gets hit. But if you do not have a filter on your joint, then it is practically the same as a blunt and the same rules apply when breaking down the weed.

Using your hands is also the cheaper choice. So if you do not want to spend money on a grinder, then just stick to your hands. Always remember to break down your marijuana enough so it will burn evenly and smoothly.

Using A Grinder

When it comes to using a grinder, some people simply cannot smoke without using one. Using a grinder prevents your hands from getting sticky or having small pieces of weed stuck to your fingers. This can be a nuisance when trying to roll up a blunt or a joint. So if you want to avoid this problem, then let a grinder do the messy work. Furthermore, if you have trouble breaking down weed with your hands, then it is probably best that you invest in a grinder.

Grinders are not expensive. Some are, but this is for a reason. Just like most goods you can purchase, the more that it costs the better it is. More expensive grinders may break your weed down better and might not get jammed as easily as some cheaper grinders. And if you are into cosmetics, then you can purchase a grinder that has a design that best suits you!

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One big issue with grinders is that they tend to jam easily if you do not clean them. Not all grinders have this problem, however, but many do. Some grinders can get to the point where they stop working because they get so jammed. This is caused by tiny pieces of weed getting stuck on the sides of the grinder where it turns. So if you regularly clean your grinder, then you can avoid this problem. Cleaning a grinder is easy; simply rinse it with water, use a wet rag to scrub the sides, then dry it off.

Grinders also come in different sizes. Some can be small, and some can be big. Smaller grinders are easy to carry around, but cannot break down as much weed as a bigger grinder. Bigger grinders can break down large amounts of weed one time, but may not be best for portability.

herb grinder

Even though some methods of smoking work best when the weed is broken down with your hands, you can still use a grinder for any method if you desire. Just make sure that the weed is not too small or too big, as both can cause problems when smoking. The better the weed is broken down, the smoother your hits will be.

You can also watch our video tutorial for breaking down weed, click here for that.

So which do you prefer when breaking down marijuana, using your hands or using a grinder? Both have some benefits and also some limitations. Find what works best for you, and stick to it! Maybe sometimes you want to use a grinder, and sometimes you want to switch it up and use your hands. Or maybe if you forgot your grinder at home? No big deal, just use those hands!

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