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Have you ever used a wax pen? I think they are great because they are super portable and can be taken just about anywhere. And since wax does not give off the same scent as weed does, you can smoke a wax pen in most places and most people may not even know you are smoking (unless they know about wax pens, too). Also, if you have some good quality wax inside your wax pen, then you can get really high really fast. One good choice for high quality is Brass Knuckles wax pens.

If you have ever went to purchase a wax pen, have you noticed that there are different brands that each sell their own type of wax pen? When I first started using pens, I had no idea which one to buy! Luckily for me, my friend had been using pens for awhile, and he recommended a good brand to go with. Ever since then, I have not changed up on the type of pens that I buy.

Whenever I use wax pens, I always use Brass Knuckles wax pens. These pens are the best in my opinion, however a tad bit pricy. If you are concerned about price, then you may not want to pick one of these up. But if you are willing to spend a little bit more money for a good quality pen, then go with Brass Knuckles.

Using a Wax Pen

When it comes to using a wax pen, you don’t always have to buy a new pen. There are two parts to a wax pen, the battery and the cartridge. The battery is reusable, all you have to do is charge it when it dies (make sure you get a charger when you buy a new battery!). The cartridge, however, is not reusable. Once the wax runs out, then you can throw away the old cartridge and go buy another one.

Using a wax pen is very similar to dabbing. Both use wax instead of weed, which can get you really high. If you take a big hit from a wax pen, it feels like taking a big hit from a dab. And if you take too big of a hit that you cannot handle, then you may experience a coughing attack, just like from a dab.

Brass Knucles Wax Pen
Brass Knucles Wax Pen

On our Instagram page (@reefer_post), you can view this picture of our Brass Knuckles wax pen. The bottom part that is brown is the battery, in the middle you can see the button that you use to smoke it, and above the button is the cartridge where the wax goes. On this pen, both the battery and the cartridge are from Brass Knuckles.

That brings me to another point: you don’t have to use Brass Knuckles cartridges on Brass Knuckles batteries. The great thing about these batteries is that they fit many different brands of wax cartridges. I still own the battery and have used it to try out other brands that make wax cartridges. This is another benefit about buying a Brass Knuckles battery, you can keep it forever.

I have tried some wax cartridges that were bad quality. Here’s some advice: if the wax cartridge is really cheap, don’t get disappointed if the quality is bad. I noticed that Brass Knuckles cartridges were some of the most expensive at the place that I buy cartridges from (which is why I had to switch up on what cartridges I bought). However, that is for a reason. Those cartridges have some of the best quality of wax that I have ever smoked. I can always count on those cartridges to get me high.

Another thing I like about them is that they always label their cartridges with the strain and plant type. If you want to buy a sativa, then you’ll know which ones to buy, since they are all labelled either indica, sativa, or hybrid. Each cartridge also includes what strain it is, so if you see your favorite strain then you can pick it out!

Some cheap brands of wax pens are set to only one temperature and you always have to use the pen on that temperature. But if you get a Brass Knuckles battery, then you have the option to change the temperature of your hits. On the bottom of the battery, you can rotate a circle to change temperatures. This means that you can take low-temp dabs, medium-temp dabs, or hot high-temp dabs!

If you could not tell from above, Reefer Post gives Brass Knuckles a great review! They offer good quality wax pens and batteries that can last a long time. Just make sure you have enough money to spend on one! That’s all for this review, check out some more posts below. Happy smoking!

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