Getting Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

Most of the time, but not all of the time, eyes become bloodshot (or red) after smoking marijuana. Occasionally, eyes will not become bloodshot after smoking. However, don’t rely on that to not prepare for red eyes. Sometimes, it’s not best to walk around with those. Don’t know what bloodshot eyes are? Well, here’s a picture:

Bloodshot Eye

(I could have put a real eye up there; it was more graphic, but I’ll be nice).

What Causes It?

There are many ways that someone can get bloodshot eyes. However, sticking to the topic, we will only talk about the smoking part of it.

A marijuana smoker, or stoner, might receive bloodshot eyes at the time of or after smoking marijuana. The chance of this happening is around 60-70%. So, if you are a frequent smoker, then you know what it’s like to have red eyes. But what causes it?

Red eyes are caused by smoking marijuana. But, more specifically, some cannabinoids in marijuana can cause the white part of our eyes to become red, thus giving someone bloodshot eyes. Also, if you accidentally (or purposely for some odd reason) get smoke in your eyes while smoking marijuana, then you might have a higher chance of receiving red eyes.

So, when you have bloodshot eyes, that means the white parts of your eyes become red. This might not be a problem for some people, however, I know that it may be a problem for others. If this is you, then keep reading.

How To Get Rid Of Bloodshot Eyes

While I wish I could give a list of many ways to get rid of bloodshot eyes, I cannot hide the fact that there is only one way that truly works at getting your eyes back to looking clear, and fast. That way is using eye drops.

I mean, seriously, have you ever seen an eye drops commercial on TV? They all talk about eliminating red eyes and returning them to pearly whites. In addition, if you have ever used eye drops, then you know that they get the job done. So, why use another way of getting rid of red eyes when you know that eye drops work?

Being in public, with family, or whatever the case may be when you have red eyes may not be a good idea for some people. So, using eye drops can get rid of those red eyes. Want some tips on using eye drops? Then keep reading.

Hopefully, you get rid of those red eyes if you need to. But whatever the case is, enjoy the high that caused those bloodshot eyes! If you have any questions or comments, drop them below in the comment section. Happy smoking!

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