The Blazin’ Bling Review

Blazin Bling Cover

One of our Reefer Post authors also runs a small 420-friendly business. Here is what she had to say about her brand, Blazin’ Bling.

What Is Blazin’ Bling

Blazin’ Bling is a small business dedicated for any stoner who loves a little bling. We make super cute “stash” boxes in different colors and styles. Of course, all of our products are loaded with rhinestones!

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Our brand is definitely one of those brands that continues to expand, and you will see a bunch of other stoner accessories coming to the website soon. If you like weed as well as some sparkle, I promise you won’t get disappointed by stopping by our Etsy shop! The link to our shop is at the bottom of this post.

Types of Products

The Best selling products at this 420-friendly shop are the “stash” boxes and here is why:

This is the Black Diamond Kush Box next to the Pink Kush Box.

We also have made some Blingy boxes without the obvious “I use this box to store my weed” stickers such as these beauties.

We completely understand if you have some ideas on your own with your personal style. That is why we offer to make custom boxes with your choice of color and rhinestone design. We can also freestyle a design for you. Whichever way you want to do it, we will make a beautiful custom box just for you!

These are two custom made boxes, designed by Blazin’ Bling to our lovely customers.

We are so excited for other stoner accessories such as pop-top containers, grinders, clothing and many, many more products to get added to our shop. We are still very new but working very hard to please all of our stoner friends!

The Stylish Stoner

Our products can be used for many different things. It’s all up to you, really. You can stash all of your stoner accessories in one box, or you could simply put it on your shelf for decoration. I know that there is a lot of girly stoners out there who loves the bling and glitter but also is a stoner at heart. If that sounds familiar, Blazin’ Bling is the place for you!

Reefer Post works very closely with Blazin’ Bling (as you can tell). As a reader, you may see some of their products and offers come up from time to time. Should you want to visit the official Blazin’ Bling shop, check out the link below. Thanks for reading!

Link To Blazin’ Bling Shop

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