The Best Time of Year To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Let’s face it: the easiest way to grow cannabis is indoors. There is no need to worry about rain, wind, snow, cold, hot, humid, and the other elements that our beautiful world throws at us. However, many cultivators do look to face these elements and take on the adventure of growing outdoors. There are several reasons for this, and if you are interested then you should know when the best time of year to grow cannabis outdoors is.

Many experienced outdoor cultivators know when the best time of year to grow cannabis outdoors is. They have set dates to purchase seeds, germinate them, plant them, top them, and harvest them. This is all done primarily from Spring to Fall, but your local climate plays a big role in these specific dates. Below are the general dates for cultivation. Those who live in colder climates will need to adjust. Also, these dates are set for growers living in the Northern Hemisphere (which is around 90% of the Earth’s population). So if you happen to be a part of the 10% that live in the Southern Hemisphere, this post won’t do you much good. Instead, send me a message and I’ll help you personally!

Best Time To Get Started

The cannabis plant will change with what is known as a photoperiod. This happens when days become shorter and nights longer, or when Summer turns to Fall. When this happens, the cannabis plant will shift from the Vegetative Stage to the Flowering Stage, which is important to know for growers. A good grower knows to maximize the amount of sunlight that their plants get before the days become shorter (and colder).

The beginning of Spring is generally looked at as the best time to germinate your cannabis seeds. This allows them to grow throughout the rest of Spring and Summer. Make sure to collect your seeds before Spring begins! Germination takes anywhere from 3 days to a full week. This beginning process is best done indoors. However, those who live in warmer climates will have it easier to germinate outside, if desired. A small greenhouse can also do the trick. Once the germinated seed has grown at least one foot in height, it can handle outdoor weather and should be moved there.

You should also figure out if you want a big plant or small one. Common sense says to go big, of course, for bigger yields. This means you will want to begin growing early in the season. However, big plants are much harder to maintain, and rookies may find it overwhelming. Some growers enjoy smaller, easier plants so they start growing a bit later in the season.

The final harvest will depend on your local climate and the strain that you choose to grow. For example, Indica strains are typically harvested earlier than sativas, since indica plants are denser and can get moldy easier in the cold. Warm climate growers may not have this problem.

How Climate Affects Cannabis

No matter where you live and what your local climate is, you should have some method of covering up your outdoor plants in case the weather turns bad. Rain, wind, cold, and other natural elements can harm your plants. But if you live in an area with a colder climate than most others, you may need to take extra precautions and grow at different times for the best results.

Too cold of weather can create mildew buildup on plants. In addition, the cold can simply freeze your plants and kill them. This is why you should never grow cannabis outdoors during Winter. The only way you should grow during the coldest months is by doing so indoors.

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Different regions of the world experience different climates and even different lengths of sunlight in a day. Thankfully for the diversity of cannabis genetics, however, this plant can be grown almost anywhere. Yet, growers must know the specifics of growing in their climates. For example, a cannabis grower in Oregon may not follow the same dates and procedures as a grower in the Middle East (which has very ideal climates for cannabis).

Here is another example. Northern California cultivators enjoy a longer season; they plant their seeds earlier and harvest later compared to cultivators in Washington State where it is much colder and has less sunlight. In Washington, cultivators must start and harvest earlier, before it gets too cold.

Also, different cannabis strains do better in certain climates and with certain amounts of sunlight. This may take a few trial-and-error, but do some research and learn what strain(s) work best in your area.

Dates To Remember

Though local climates differ, here is a list of good general dates to remember throughout the cultivation season. Make sure to remember them so that you are not missing the ideal times to grow. These dates most accurately represent cannabis cultivation in the Northern Hemisphere (which is pretty much all of it). For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you should do your research on when you should be growing and harvesting.

February to April

This is the best period to buy cannabis seeds for the upcoming season. Remember, purchasing seeds online may take a few weeks to arrive, so give yourself enough time in advance. As Spring kicks in, start to germinate those seeds.

Spring Equinox

On the first day of Spring (which is March 20th 2021), you should be germinating your seeds.

Mother’s Day

Some growers, not all, claim that the day after Mother’s Day (May 9th for 2021) is the best time to move your germinated seeds outside.

Summer Solstice

Now we are in Mid-Summer (June 20th 2021). All of your cannabis plants should be outside by now. The sun is hitting its highs for the year, and your plants will want to do the same.

June to August

This is the best period for you to top and prune your plants. August is generally (not for everyone) the month when cannabis plants begin to flower and produce buds. By then you should be done with topping them. Need tips on topping? Click here!

Fall Equinox

The first day of Fall (September 22nd for 2021) means harvest is very close. You should be harvesting around this time. For the Southern Hemisphere, Spring has just begun.

FAQ: The Best Time of Year To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Q1. What is the best time of year to grow Cannabis outdoors?

A1. Generally speaking, the best time of year to grow Cannabis outdoors is in the late Spring and early Summer when temperatures are mild and night-time temperatures remain above freezing. During this time the warm days and cool nights along with the long daylight hours of the season will be optimal for cannabis cultivation.

Q2. Is it possible to grow Cannabis outdoors year-round?

A2. Yes, it is possible to grow Cannabis outdoors year-round with the right climate and growing conditions. However, certain varieties will do better in certain climates, so it is recommended to check what Cannabis plants will do best and when they can be planted in certain temperatures and climates before beginning your outdoor Cannabis cultivation.

Q3. What type of setup do I need to grow Cannabis outdoors?

A3. To successfully grow Cannabis outdoors, you will need a large area with enough space to spread out your plants. You will also need to provide your plants with adequate sunlight and nutrients. Finally, good quality soil should also be used to ensure that your plants have the best growing conditions.

Winter Solstice

By Mid-Winter (December 21st for 2021), your harvesting should be completely done. Cultivation for the year is over. Harvesting, drying, curing, and cleaning should all be finished. It’s time to enjoy the harvest and stay cozy for the cold months, and prepare for next year’s season!

Don’t forget that these are general guidelines to follow. Your area may be able to follow these dates, but you should still inform yourselfofn the local climate so that you can get the best yields from your plants. Hope this post helps you with the upcoming cultivation season. Always focus on the best time of year to grow cannabis outdoors. Thanks for reading!

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