Weed State Rankings: 10 Best States For Weed

With the increasing number of cannabis-friendly states, marijuana lovers can pick the states where medical cannabis is both legal and highly celebrated. With a total of 29 cannabis-friendly states, weed enthusiasts can rejoice that marijuana tourism will be alive and well in the upcoming years.

Each cannabis-friendly state has its own weed-smoking culture, from the night owls of New York City to the outdoor enthusiasts of Colorado.

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In this article, find out what state has the best weed in the world and which city has the most stoners:

10 Best States For Weed

The legality of cannabis has unlocked excuses to visit places that might not be on marijuana lovers’ radar. Here are the best weed-legal states to live in :

1. California

California is the first ever city to legalize the use of medical marijuana. This state was far ahead of the curve when it came to the initial legalization of weed use in 1996. Now, California is known to be the Golden State for being the largest cannabis market in the world.

California is also the first-ever state that solves the problem of cannabis lovers: they are able to buy the weed but do not have a legal place to consume it.

2. Colorado

When it comes to cannabis legalization, Colorado is right up there with California. This is the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use; now, it is known as a weed lover’s paradise. There’s nothing better than spending a day in Colorado’s famous parks and enjoying weed with your best bud.

3. Nevada

The use of marijuana is prohibited in public places, but it’s the best place known for its mesmerizing palace-Las Vegas. Weed smokers can find many fun places and activities to stay that permit the use of marijuana- including weed bus tours or smoking at popular locations in Las Vegas-Chain Topgolf.

4. Oregon

Oregon legalized the use of medical marijuana in 1988 and recreational marijuana in 2014. Weed lovers can find multiple cannabis spas, dispensaries, and chic party cannabis bus tours easily in this state. The best part- the average cost of an ounce is just around $187.09.

5. Illinois

Illinois is famous for its deep-dish pizza, urban charm, and architecture. This state legalized medical marijuana use in 2014 and recreational marijuana use in 2019. Now, this state has become the state with the best weed for marijuana users. With excellent options for world-class edibles and dispensaries, Illinois has become one of the nation’s best cannabis-friendly states.

6. Massachusetts

Massachusetts legalized the use of medical marijuana in 2012, and in 2016, recreational marijuana use went into full effect. Visitors over the age of 21 can buy up to one ounce of marijuana in Massachusetts.

7. Alaska

Alaska is known to be a unique pot destination for marijuana lovers. In Alaska, weed lovers can get high and go whale watching at the same time. This state legalized the use of recreational marijuana use in 2014, and since then, it has become a favorite spot of weed lovers all over the world.

8. Washington

The state allowed medical marijuana usage in 1998, followed by recreational marijuana use in 2012. While cannabis consumption is not permitted in dispensaries and lounges, the state is teeming with cannabis tour operators and weed-friendly lodges, hotels, and Airbnbs.

9. Michigan

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018, Michigan has become one of the most progressive states for marijuana taxation and legalization. There are many dispensaries and cannabis tourism all over the state for weed smokers to get high and enjoy!

10. New York

In 2021, New York became the 16th cannabis-friendly state when it legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The state already has a large number of medical dispensaries. In New York, one ounce of marijuana currently costs $336.18.

What city has the best weed in the US?

weed in the United States of America

Here are some of the cities that have the best weed in us:

  • Denver, Colorado
  • San Diego, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Which cities smoke the most weed?

Here are the top cities that are filled with marijuana users:

CityPercentage of marijuana users
San Francisco, California15.46%
Denali, Fairbanks, and Nome, Alaska14.93%
Charleston, South Kingston, Rhode Island14.85%
Aspen, Telluride, Durango, and Grand Junction, Colorado14.84%
 Bristol, Rhode Island  14.45%
Denver and Boulder, Colorado 14.8%

What state has the most stoners?

Here are the best weed-legal states to live in where there are the most stoners:

StatePercentage of marijuana users
Rhode Island14.32

FAQ: Weed State Rankings

Q: What criteria were used to determine the 10 best states for weed?

A: The criteria used to determine the 10 best states for weed included the states’ legislation regarding possession, cultivation, and recreational and medical use of marijuana.

Q: Are there states where marijuana is completely legal?

A: Yes, there are currently 11 states and Washington D.C. where recreational marijuana is legal. Additionally, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and Washington D.C.

Q: Is there a ranking of states based on the quality of marijuana?

A: No, this blog post does not include a ranking of states based on the quality of marijuana. It focuses on the legal aspects of marijuana in each state.

Final Note

Marijuana use is getting higher and higher in many states all over the world. With its legalization, marijuana lovers are visiting places to get high and enjoy their time in the states with the best weed. The above-mentioned state has the best weed section giving weed stoners a clearer understanding of where one can get quality material without any restrictions. 

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