Best CBD for Dog Separation Anxiety: Helping Your Pet Cope

Since your canine friend has a lot in common with you regarding feelings and emotions, they may also face different mental conditions similar to yours. For example, it is very common for dogs to feel stressed during festivities with loud noises. They may also experience symptoms of anxiety when separated from you for a while.

CBDs are one of the common natural solutions for dogs with separation anxiety. However, there are so many variations of it in the market, and not all are specific to this condition. As such, you need to choose it carefully since the state of your dog’s mental health is very important.

This article will introduce you to all the information you will require to get the best CBD for your dog’s separation anxiety.

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Have you ever noticed your dog trying to escape when left alone for a while and wondered why it does that? Well, chances are that it is suffering from separation anxiety. It is a condition where a dog feels abandoned or left alone and gets anxious when separated from its owner or is alone for a long time.

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is not a condition to ignore, as it seriously affects the mental health of your dog. They may start to behave aggressively or be sad when you leave them alone.

Symptoms and Causes of Separation Anxiety in Pets

There can be so many possible reasons why your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Let’s go in-depth with it below-

Changing Residence or Moving: Like human children, it can be a tricky situation for your dogs to cope with the new environment after moving to a new house. They may look for their favorite sports, neighbors, or other dogs from your previous place and think that they have abandoned your dog. It results in separation anxiety.

Incontinence: Incontinence is a condition in which your dog may struggle to control urination or defecation. Usually, it happens due to old age or infections. But there can be other causes. Incontinence has a tendency to give dogs separation anxiety.

Abandonment: Of course, if you leave your dog alone for a long time or if there is nobody to give them time during that period, they may feel abandoned. It usually results in separation anxiety.

Getting Ignored: Even if you are around your dog all the time but are not giving them your attention at all, they will feel ignored. Your dog requires social interaction, too. It is one cause for this condition.

Absence of a Family Member: When a family member is suddenly absent for so many days, whether it is because they moved away or died, it can give your dog separation anxiety. It doesn’t have to be their favorite human, but anyone in the family who used to interact with them daily.

Now that we have covered the possible causes of separation anxiety let’s get into how you can identify it by assessing the symptoms-

  • Barking so much and being loud all the time.
  • Struggling to voluntarily control their bowel and soiling the house.
  • Whining.
  • Chewing everything excessively and destructively.
  • Restlessness when alone.

How CBD Potentially Helps Alleviate These Symptoms

There are many ways to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety, like training, giving them enough time and love, behavior modification, or the usage of medications. CBD is one of these methods, and it works very well like in humans.

CBD Potentially Helps Alleviate These Symptoms

Various neuropsychiatric disorders in both humans and animals have seen significant improvements after the usage of CBD by researchers. As such, we can consider it a safe and effective medical process to help your dog in such troubles.

However, do keep in mind that you must dosage the CBD correctly and use it after consulting with your vet. Dosing the right amount is imperative to get the necessary outcome.

Reviews of 6 Best CBD Products for Dog Separation Anxiety

If you don’t want to scrounge the market looking for the best CBD, we have a list ready for you. After all, it can be time-consuming and confusing to find the ideal item specific to your dog. All the products we reviewed below consist of only natural ingredients and are completely safe for your dog’s health.

Beaphar Herbal Calming Spot-on for Dogs

Beaphar - Herbal Calming Spot-On for Dogs

After checking its effectiveness on dogs, we chose Beaphar Herbal Calming Spot-on as one of the most effective and best CBD products. It can help calm your dog down, especially when they are experiencing symptoms of separation anxiety and are behaving aggressively.

The valerian is a key ingredient in this CBD, which has an effective calming property. As such, this CBD product works very fast and right when you dose it properly. Not to mention, the item is very easy to use as you only need to follow the instructions on the product. It has a long-lasting effect lasting up to a week after the dosage.

Pet Naturals Naturally Sourced Calming for Dogs

Pet Naturals Calming for Dogs

You can trust the effectiveness of a CBD product like Pet Naturals Naturally Sourced Calming for Dogs, as it is recommended by vets. It is filled with natural ingredients like Thiamine, L-Theanine, or Calming Colostrum, without any touch of anything artificial to keep it totally safe for your dog.

You will be able to get your dog relaxed in only 30 minutes, thanks to its quick reaction. This CBD product works well every time, regardless of the cause of stress or anxiety in your dog. So, aside from separation anxiety, you can also use it when your canine buddy is scared of fireworks or a trip to the vet.

YuMOVE Calming Care for Adult Dogs

YuMOVE Calming Care for Adult Dogs

Not all flavors of CBD may not be to your dog’s liking. But if they prefer fish as a favorite snack, then the YuMOVE Calming Care for Adult Dogs can be an ideal product. It comes with a fishy flavor and is rich in Vitamin B, giving your dog additional nutrition besides the calming effect.

It also contains only natural elements and works very well. Suitable for adult dogs, you may use it on your dog with separation anxiety or fearful conditions due to different incidents or situations. The CBD product is available in 60 or 120-tablet quantity options. It will work wonders in modifying your dog’s behavior within six weeks.

Bach Pet Rescue Remedy

Bach Pet Rescue Remedy

If CBD edibles like tablets are hard to administer to your dog for you, then CBD oil in a dropper can be the right choice. The Back Pet Rescue Remedy comes in a dropper of 10 mL with no alcoholic content. It is best used for dogs that have a fear of separation and vet visits.

The contents of the remedy include Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, and Clematis, which are neutral flower ingredients. There are no traces of artificial items in it. It is completely safe for both dogs and cats, given your dosage properly based on the animal and size.

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief Medicine for Pets

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief Medicine for Pets

Here is another reliable CBD product in oil form for your dog. HomeoPet Anxiety Relief comes in a 1-oz amount inside a dropper and is very easy to administer. It is suitable not only for dogs but also for cats, rabbits, and birds. The product has no allergen in its content, removing any cause for concern about allergic triggers.

Whether your dog has separation anxiety, fear of loud noises or vet, or other stressful conditions, the CBD item will trigger very quickly in calming it down with utmost safety. It will be gentle on your dog’s body and can remove various symptoms of separation anxiety like restlessness or whining. We suggest checking out the instructions on the package while dosing.

DORWEST Herbs Scullcap & Valerian Calming Tablets for Dogs and Cats


Finally, we have a CBD tablet product manufactured with care to be gentle and safe for your furry friends. It contains Scullcop and Valerian, two natural elements from flowers. If your dog has anxiety from separation, stress from noise or traveling, or other various conditions, you can go for this item.

Depending on your need, you can get a pack of 100 or 200 tablets. Being sugar-free, it won’t cause any complications or side effects in your dog’s body, such as drowsiness, a common symptom of low-quality CBD products. You can administer one tablet daily to your dog for the best outcome.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing CBD for Your Dog

Before you choose a CBD product for your dog, you need to have the know-how of it, including the various factors that matter. Not all CBD products will suit the health and condition of your pet; neither will they be safe. Since your dog’s health is the matter here, you must know about the following factors to pick the right CBD product-

Purity and Source of the CBD

First of all, the CBD product, be it oil or tablet, must be totally pure and consist of natural ingredients. What that means is that it must be hemp-deprived instead of cannabis. Cannabis is very harmful to dog’s health and can be dangerous.

Check for content like skullcap, valerian, and thiamine in the product, which are tested to work well in the calming effect of dogs. Avoid ones containing artificial ingredients and alcohol.

THC Content

In case you don’t know, all types of CBD treats or products for dogs are only safe when the THC content in them is less than 0.3%. So, if you don’t find the amount of THC labeled in the package, we suggest you avoid it. Remember that too much THC can cause serious health issues for your dogs. So, only go for the ones with less than 0.3%.

Product Form

Whether you should opt for CBD oil or treats like gummies comes down to which administering process is easier for you. Which one your dog is used to may also be a considerable factor. Gummies are usually administered as chewable treats, while oils are given under the tongue.

Additionally, they also have other differences. For example, CBD oil is usually more potent and pure than tablets. But your dog is more likely to favor CBD gummies.

Dosage and Size Specifics Based on Your Dog’s Weight

The dosage of CBD products must be based on the size and weight of your dog. You may see the item’s suitability on the packet or bottle of the product. You should remember that a tiny or young dog will definitely need a much lower dosage than a big or old dog.

So, not only must you get the appropriate CBD product based on these factors, but also the dosage must be correct for your dog. It is also best to talk to your vet before deciding on a dosage.

Flavor and Palatability for Dogs

Dogs can be individualistic when it comes to flavor preferences. They will like a CBD product more if it tastes like their favorite snack. As such, when buying the CBD, check its flavor. There can be different options, like fish, meat, and other popular dog food product-flavored CBD items.

Third-Party Testing and Lab Results

You may come across CBD products that go through lab results and are recommended by vets. While the promises on the product may not always be as reliable, it can be so when any popular vet suggests it. If it contains certifications from researchers, you know that it is more trusted to work.

It is also ideal to ask your vet for suggestions regarding CBD products. As you know, they won’t just recommend any random ones. It is also better to go through reviews as a higher number of positive reviews increases the product’s reliability many folds.

Using CBD Safely for Your Dog

Before you start to administer the CBD product to your dog, you must determine the correct dosage. Otherwise, it may cause overdosing and result in drowsiness and other symptoms, or it may not work at all. Check out the following sections-

The correct dosage for your dog will be based on its age, weight, and size. Additionally, your dog’s tolerance to the CBD may also play a crucial role.

  • Tiny Dogs: A small dog with a 2-15 lbs weight may require only ½ mg for anxiety issues. However, since small dogs have a faster metabolism, you may need to raise the frequency to 3-4 doses per day. However, as an introduction strategy, you can start with 1-2 dosages and increase it to 2 mg every time to keep up with the dog’s tolerance.
  • Medium-Small Dogs with 15-30 LBS: An effective dosage for dogs with psychological conditions with a medium-small size is around 1 mg. However, you may need to increase it slowly as time goes on. But the raise must not exceed 2 mg every time, and the doses shouldn’t be over 2 times daily.
  • Medium-Large Dogs: Similar to medium-small dogs, medium-large dogs (30-60 lbs) also require around 1 mg twice a day for a proper effect when starting. However, you can increase it by not more than 2 mg every time. Depending on the weight and size, the highest dose for CBD in this size range is 30 mg.
  • Large Dogs: Since we are in the larger category of dogs with around 60-150 lbs, you need to administer a higher dosage rate. Unless the dog is very large, near the end of the size range, you can use the same dose as the medium-large dogs. If the dog builds enough tolerance, you can raise it to 3 mg every day.

During your introduction of CBD to the dog, monitor your dog’s behavior and look out for any side effects before dosing again. Start with a smaller dose and work your way higher. Try CBD gummies if your dog doesn’t like CBD oils.

Signs to Monitor for Ensuring Your Dog Responds Well

As we said, you must check for your dog’s reaction to the CBD after administering it for the first time or when increasing the dosage. See if the dog shows effects such as vomiting, sedation, or excitement. Only progress further if they don’t.

You may not see the desired effect at the get-go and have to gradually increase the dosage over several days or a week.


How Quickly Can I Expect to See Results in My Dog’s Behavior?

For separation anxiety, CBD can work as fast as 30-60 minutes. However, it may depend on other various factors like the type and potency of the CBD product, your dog’s tolerance, and its conditions. The CBD may take a week or so to work on some health issues.

Are there any side effects of giving my dog CBD?

There can indeed be side effects of giving your dog CBD. But the catch is that it depends on the CBD product contents and your dog’s allergic reactions. Not all CBD products will work for all dogs. So, before administering a new CBD item, check for any side effects. If there are any, it is best to avoid that product.

Can CBD Be Used in Conjunction with Other Treatments for Separation Anxiety?

Yes, it can be possible to use CBD alongside other treatments for separation anxiety. Even your vet may also suggest different CBD products as a part of the medication. However, you shouldn’t take it into your own hands. Not all medications may not work well together. So, discuss with your vet before using CBD on your dog while it is going through other separation anxiety treatments.


Separation anxiety is a common condition in dogs, especially ones that are overly attached to their human buddies. As such, it is best to check for any such condition and get the best treatment method. While CBD is a very effective and common method, you must choose the best product and administer it with the correct dose. If you are unsure or confused, talk to your vet.

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