Many Different Ways to Smoke Marijuana

There are so many different ways to smoke marijuana. What can be used to smoke marijuana is just about endless. All over the internet, you can find crazy new ways to smoke marijuana. What is your favorite way to smoke marijuana?

Besides having different ways to smoke it, there are two different types of marijuana to be smoked: flower and concentrates. If you are not sure what concentrates are, then click here to view my post that explains them in full detail. Flowers and concentrates are smoked differently, and each has multiple ways to be smoked. Out of all these many different ways to smoke, how many have you tried?

First, let’s start with flowers. This is the traditional, tree-like bud that can be smoked by simply putting a lighter on it. You can use a glass smoker to smoke it: a bong, bubbler, pipe, or steamroller. You can roll weed up into a joint using rolling paper, or roll it into a blunt using a tobacco leaf. Also, you can use a vaporizer to smoke weed. Don’t want to buy something to smoke out of? You can always create your homemade smokers (see bottom of this post). These are the many ways that weed can be smoked!

Bongs & Bubblers

Clear Glass Smoking Bong

Bongs and bubblers are very similar. Both are made of glass, both require water, and both have a bowl and a mouthpiece. The biggest significance between the two is that bongs have a detachable downstem and bowl. With bubblers, you only have a carb for airflow. On the other hand, you can create airflow on a bong by removing the bowl intolerant to it. Since bongs are usually bigger they tend to give bigger hits, meaning you can get high quicker with a bong compared to a bubbler. However, bubblers have the convenience of being more portable and easier to carry around.

Clear Glass Smoking Bubbler


Pipes are easy to use and cheap to buy.  No water is needed, only marijuana and a lighter. The drawback of no water is that bigger hits may burn your throat more than a bong or bubbler. I have seen large pipes, and I have seen small pipes. The first pipe I ever owned was smaller than the palm of my hand! This means you can easily transport a pipe around and have it when want to smoke.


Steamrollers are sort of like pipes but with a twist. Instead of covering a carb, you cover the whole back side. Steamrollers tend to give off bigger hits than their counterparts (possibly besides bongs) and can come in any size. Steamrollers are also easy to make at home. With a few household items, you could construct your own! 

Joints & Blunts

Some of us do not like to smoke out of glass. Smoking a joint or a blunt gives you that alternative. Instead of lighting the marijuana every time to hit it, you only light it once. But if you don’t want to spend money on rolling papers or blunt wraps, then stick to glass. If you want to smoke marijuana wrapped in a tobacco leaf, then smoke a blunt. But if you don’t want to smoke tobacco, then get some rolling papers and smoke a joint. When buying rolling papers, I suggest tobuyingolling papers that are not bleached (better for your health).

Homemade Options

If you don’t want to pay for anything to smoke out of, r want to try out a creative way to smoke, then you could always create your own. You could make your version of anything I listed above. Click here for some ideas.

Now when it comes to concentrates, there are not as many options to smoke with compared to flower (yet), however, you will get much higher smoking wax than smoking bud.


In reality, rigs are the bong version of smoking wax. But instead of using a bowl, you use a nail. Instead of putting a lighter to it to spark it, you have to use a torch to heat the nail so that the wax can melt on it to create smoke. Because wax is much more potent, rigs will get you high quicker than bongs.

Vaporizers & Pens

These can be used for either weed or wax (just make sure you get the right one for whichever you are smoking). These are easy to use because they require nothing but the vaporizer/ pen and the marijuana, but are usually more expensive than other smoking options. Pens tend to be small and portable, so they are ideal for on-the-go smoking.

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Nectar Collectors

Another way to smoke wax is by using a nectar collector. These are used by heating the end and touching wax with that end while using the other end as a mouthpiece. Like a rig, this is a glass piece. I have always liked the name for these pieces: nectar collectors.

These are most of the ways to smoke marijuana (weed or wax). Whichever way you pick, you will still get high. What is your favorite way to smoke? Drop a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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