9 Reasons You Should Get Your Own Medical Marijuana Card

What are the benefits of medical marijuana card? Two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of medical marijuana. At the same time, a recent survey has shown that most Americans prefer to live in states that have legalized marijuana. Increasingly more people are opting for medical marijuana treatment, even as research continues to reveal the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

To access medical cannabis treatment in any state where it is legal, one will need to have a qualifying condition and get approved by a qualified doctor who can prescribe this sort of treatment. With this, one can obtain a medical marijuana card which they can use to purchase cannabis from a legal dispensary.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card?

The process of obtaining a medical marijuana card can be challenging and will cost a couple of dollars. However, it is one of the most rewarding endeavors. Not only will you have access to cannabis medication at an affordable cost, but you will also get to enjoy the extra perks that we have outlined below.

1. Allows you to purchase cannabis at a lower price

An MMJ card allows you to purchase cannabis at a lower cost as compared to purchasing it in a recreational dispensary. Recreational cannabis attracts higher taxes; excise taxes may be anywhere from 15% to 37%. This extra cost is eventually passed on to consumers.

In addition, some dispensaries offer discounts to patients with medical marijuana cards. In the long run, having a medical marijuana card can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing medical cannabis products.

2. Allows you to purchase and possess higher amounts of cannabis

States that have legalized marijuana usually have a maximum purchase and possession limit. The limit is usually higher for medical cannabis patients. For example, the maximum purchase limit for patients with an MMJ card in California is 8 ounces a day while that of recreational users is only 1 ounce a day.

3. Allows minors access to medical marijuana should they need it

Recreational cannabis programs are only accessible to adults who are at least 21 years old. On the other hand, medical cannabis programs usually accommodate minors with a qualifying condition. If you are a minor the only way to access medical marijuana is by having a medical marijuana card.

4. Allows you to purchase cannabis from medical-only cannabis dispensaries

Medical-only cannabis dispensaries only sell cannabis to patients with a valid medical marijuana card. Such dispensaries are likely to have well-trained staff who are well informed about different strains and their effects. They are also likely to have a broader range of cannabis products that are of a higher quality (medicinal grade).

5. Allows you to enjoy more potent cannabis strains

Recreational cannabis dispensaries have to adhere to THC potency limits as determined by state regulations. Medical cannabis patients who require more potent strains can access them from medical marijuana dispensaries using their MMJ cards.

6. Allows you to enjoy legal protection

A medical marijuana card grants patients legal permission to possess and consume cannabis legally. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law; but having an MMJ card will protect you from facing penalties or prosecution.

7. Allows you to obtain cannabis when traveling out-of-state

Some states have a reciprocity program that allows out-of-state patients to access marijuana from legal cannabis dispensaries in the state. To enjoy this benefit, one needs to have a valid medical marijuana card from their home-state.

8. Allows you to be first priority

Should there be a shortage of cannabis, the medical market has to be supplied before the recreational market is supplied. With a medical marijuana card, you are always guaranteed that you will be able to find medical marijuana from a legal dispensary, even when there is a shortage.

Additionally, dispensaries that sell both medical and recreational cannabis usually prioritize patients with a medical marijuana card over those who don’t. Some dispensaries will have separate queues for medical marijuana patients that are given priority over recreational users.

9. Allows you access to medical marijuana treatment

Science is now revealing the immense therapeutic potential of the bioactive molecules (cannabinoids and terpenes) that are found in cannabis. The only way to benefit from medical marijuana is by getting a medical marijuana card.

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What does a medical marijuana card do?

A medical marijuana card (MMJ card) enables an individual to purchase, use, or cultivate marijuana that they use to treat a condition that qualifies for medical cannabis treatment with the approval of a qualified doctor who can prescribe this kind of treatment. 36 states have legalized medical marijuana and residents in these states can apply for an MMJ card if they have a qualifying condition.

Is getting a medical card worth it?

Getting a medical marijuana card is worth it because it allows one to enjoy several benefits such as having access to high-quality cannabis products from legal dispensaries and being able to purchase marijuana at a lower cost.

Final Note

If you suffer from a condition that may benefit from medical marijuana, obtaining a medical marijuana card is highly advisable. This will grant you access to a constant supply of high-quality cannabis products at an affordable price. Once in a while, you might be able to enjoy discounts and bonuses from dispensaries. For example, if you are a war veteran some dispensaries may sell cannabis to you at half price. In addition, having a medical marijuana card will grant you access to cannabis even if you are minor by age. Lastly, an mmj card will enable you to purchase cannabis out-of-state in states that have reciprocity.

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