11 Best Marijuana Apps and Leafly Alternatives

Wouldn’t it be great if stoners could place orders for services related to cannabis online with their fingers? Yes, the same fingers used to roll those beautiful joints could now also be used to order your weed.  

Not just stoners but people who want to buy marijuana for medical purposes could benefit from these apps.  

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So, we present you with the 11 Best Marijuana Apps and Leafly Alternatives.


PotBot tops the list of medical marijuana apps. This app helps ease the lives of medical marijuana patients by providing information about which marijuana strain would be best for curing their condition.  

Based on science, PotBot’s cannabinoid algorithm uses the most recent peer-reviewed research to recommend the best locally available strains to help the patients feel relieved from their symptoms.   

This app does not charge its user a single dollar. It can easily be downloaded from Play Store and Appstore.  



This marijuana app is a guide to paradise for stoners. This is an all-in-one weed app that helps an individual to learn, find, and order weed from their home. Stoners can also review their local weed dealers to help the other members of the weed community.  

The sellers available on the app are all legal and licensed; hence you can be assured that you do not get in trouble with the cops. The app could also be used to gain more knowledge about marijuana.  

This is a weed app for Android as well as for iPhone and can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. Although this app is free, you might be required to pay for some of its services.  



This is one of the cannabis apps which gives tough competition to the Leafly app. Apart from locating local dispensaries and ordering weed, you could also locate marijuana doctors near you.

One of the most attractive and biggest features of this app is that it keeps you updated with the latest industry laws and news.  

This app is available for both iPhone as well as Android, and you can download it for free from the Play Store or the App Store. But again, you have to pay for some of the services because you know you have to pay the price for happiness.  



The empire of the hemp. This online weed game could be played by weed lovers who are having issues with the government while trying to grow their marijuana plants.  

Grow virtual weed, sell it to get rich, and chat to connect with buddies from the community sitting in every corner of the world.  

Available on Play Store and App Store for free.  



MassRoots could be considered a Facebook of the stoners. It has around 900,000 users from around the world. So, share your trippy moments with your community and find local smoke buddies.  

This is a weed app for iPhone as well as for Android and is available for free of cost on their official website.



With this Weed, Strain app, get cannabis delivered to your doorstep with one of the best stoner apps. The best part about this app is your weed gets delivered to your doorstep within the same day, and this app delivers in 100+ cities across all over Michigan and California.  

This app can be very easily downloaded from the Play Store or App Store for free. However, the services are not free of cost.  

High Tide   

High Tide

What beautiful wordplay lies in the name of this app, “High” tide. You can order your weed from this app which gets delivered to you for free, and you also earn rewards for using this app. You can opt for Cash on Delivery on this app, and you can track your order in real time.  

This app can be downloaded from App Store without paying a single penny.



With this weed finder app explore the best cannabis brands and retailers, find delivery services, and get educated about cannabis use. You can also get exclusive brand rebates, one of the most exclusive features of this app.  

This app is also available for free on the App Store.

High There

High There

As the name suggests, even this app is exclusively for people who love to get high. This app started as cannabis friendly dating app but has now become an all-in-one social media app for stoners. This app is also one of the sources for marijuana news, reviews, etc. 

Install this app from the Play Store or App Store for free of cost.



This is a social media app for marijuana users. Here a Stoner can share photos, videos, and other marijuana-related content with other cannabis-lover buddies. You can also send messages and discuss weed usage legally here.  

This app charges you nothing when you install it from apk website.   

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

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To be the best in the business, you’ve got to learn from the best. So learn from the best Wiz Khalifa how to plant the seed, grow the plant, and harvest the best quality weed in this epic weed farming game.  

This app is available for free on Play Store and App Store

App Comparison Table:


Based on science, PotBot’s cannabinoid algorithm recommends the best strains that are readily available locally to assist patients get relief from their ailments. This algorithm uses the most recent peer-reviewed studies.The most recent peer-reviewed research is used by PotBot’s distinctive cannabinoid-based algorithm to suggest local strains that have the best likelihood of easing a patient’s symptoms.No details about privacy practices, so your privacy may be at stake.

An individual may learn about, locate, and order marijuana with an all-in-one app from the comfort of their home.Most of the reviews are positive about this app.The new coding scheme is wholly unneeded, and the strain library is barren.

You can search for nearby marijuana doctors in addition to finding nearby shops and placing an online marijuana order.The most recent industry news and legal information can all be found in this app.It feels like years have passed since the interface was last changed.

Hemp’s epoch, or empire. Those who enjoy marijuana but are having trouble growing their plants because of the authorities could enjoy playing this online marijuana game.This app promises to only share that data which you allow them to.The weed is not real.

Find nearby smoke companions and share your psychedelic experiences with your neighborhood.Great for growing your weed network as it has around 100,000 followers.According to some reports this app is apprentaly dead now.

The finest feature of this app is that it delivers marijuana to your home within one day and does it in more than 100 cities throughout Michigan and California.Enter the code “EAZE20” to receive $20 off your first delivery.Any taps must be activated for a minimum of 3-5 seconds.

This software allows you to order marijuana, which is delivered to you free of charge. It also allows you to earn prizes.Offers customers just the very best brands and greatest items available in the market, together with knowledgeable and helpful service.A little complex for the new users.

Explore the top cannabis brands and stores with our weed finder app, locate delivery services, and learn more about cannabis use.Sign up to get access to special offers from your favorite, most dependable licenced dispensaries, delivery services, and brands.Has some minor bugs that require fixing.

This app was formerly a cannabis-friendly dating service, but it is now a comprehensive social media platform for stoners.All-in-one social network for cannabis businesses, dating services, and social media for cannabis users.Has some major glitches that require the developers attention.

Here, a Stoner can connect with other cannabis enthusiasts and share images, videos, and other materials.Not available on App Store or Play Store.

In this awesome weed farming game, learn from the best Wiz Khalifa how to sow the seed, nurture the plant, and harvest the best quality weed.In this spectacular new idle game, Wiz Khalifa demonstrates how to sow, develop, and harvest the best herb on earth.Neither your Weed nor your Money is real.

FAQ: Marijuana Apps

Q: What are marijuana apps?

A: Marijuana apps are mobile applications that help users manage their cannabis usage and access resources related to cannabis usage. They typically provide features such as strain reviews, dispensary locators, product recommendations, and more.

Q: Are there alternatives to Leafly?

A: Yes, there are a number of alternatives to Leafly, including Weedmaps, Wikileaf, BudLabs, and Cannabismo. All of these apps have their own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to research them to find the best one for your needs.

Final note

A beautifully rolled joint like a King Kong’s finger is the only thing a stoner needs to chill. Stoners are probably the calmest and most chill breed on Mother Earth, and we all know the reason. So, stoners, use these cannabis apps and protect your calm nature.  

Not just for stoners, these apps are beneficial for anyone who requires weed, even for medical purposes. So, clear up some space from your phone and give these apps a place on your home screen because every weed user deserves only the best.  

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