10 Albums That Will Spur Creativity While You’re High

Looking for that creative spark? We all know a little ganja can help… in the right setting. You have to have the right creative atmosphere. Otherwise, you might end up couch-locked.

Don’t get stuck flipping through a playlist. Playlists can have awkward song transitions and kill the vibe. Albums are where it’s at. There’s nothing like a proper album to get those creative juices flowing.

Choose the Albums that will Spur Creativity

Now, creativity is a bit of a fickle beast. When choosing the right album, you gotta choose the right vibe. We’ve included a range of genres on this list for creative stoners of all stripes. So spark up that joint and let these albums ignite your creative spirit.

10. Sublime: 40oz To Freedom

Sublime: 40oz To Freedom (to spur creativity)

When looking for a good upbeat album for rolling joints, you can’t go wrong with 40oz To Freedom. It’s known for its stoner anthems like Badfish and Smoke Two Joints. Sublime has a rock and reggae-inspired sound that’s easy to vibe to.

Just make sure you don’t skip 54-46 Was My Number, where Sublime brings new life to the classic song by Toots and The Maytals.

9. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

This is an album you just can’t leave off of a list of albums to listen to while high. Do not slice this album onto a playlist, do not listen to it on shuffle. It is meant to be heard as a complete album.

For added effect, you play the album while watching The Wizard of Oz. If you time it correctly, the entire tornado sequence is set to The Great Gig in the Sky. Then Dorothy opens the door to tech colored Oz right as the cash register rings for Money.

8. Awkwafina: Yellow Ranger

Awkwafina: Yellow Ranger (to spur creativity)

Here’s something for the stoner ladies. Awkwafina’s Yellow Ranger is best known for its viral hit My Vag. If you thought that was funny, give the album a listen. It’s full of funny and irreverent rhymes from a tiny Asian lesbian who don’t give a fuck.

Our favorite track on the album is Marijuana. It’s the perfect song to play when you’re feeling low about becoming an artist instead of a doctor.

7. SZA: Z


Awkwafina is a bit more for the “not like other” girls. But if you’re more of a girly stoner, give Z a listen. It’s got a really soft, sensual vibe for a quiet night of wine and painting with flowers.

But it’s not just an album for solo time. SZA is the queen of co-labs, and Z holds up. SZA brings in legends like Chance the Rapper, Isaiah Rashad, and Kendrick Lamar for this album. Trying to inspire some creative collaborations? Put on Z.

6.  Dr. Dre: The Chronic

Dr. Dre: The Chronic

This album is pretty much what it says on the label. Need something to inspire creative juices while smoking that real sticky icky? Put on The Chronic.

Now here’s the catch on this album: it’s no longer on Spotify. This was a decision made by Death Row Records. They intend to offer The Chronic as an NFT. So if you’re into NFT media or old-school CDs, check this out. Otherwise, 2001 is available on Spotify and slaps just as hard.

5. Bob Marley: Babylon By Bus

Bob Marley: Babylon by Bus (to spur creativity)

What would a list like this be without Bob Marley? He is almost synonymous with smoking trees. His poster evokes a collective stoner memory. We’ve all crowded into a small dorm room to smoke with that poster. His image is an approving idol to blaze up.

The most popular Bob Marley album is Legend. It’s the compilation album by Bob Marley and The Wailers. It’s a great album, it’s got all the hits. However, if you’re looking to spark creativity, we recommend Babylon By Bus. Something about the live recording really adds punch to the passionate performer.

4. Desmond Dekker: You Can Get It If You Really Want

Desmond Dekker: You Can Get It If You Really Want

Are you into the reggae vibe? Make sure to check out Desmond Dekker. He came before reggae became a mainstream musical genre. He’s one of the “ORBs,” Original Rude Boys.

Put on You Can Get It If You Really Want when you need to inspire tenacity. When you’re really down and need to keep going, this album will pick you right up.

3. Alt J: An Awesome Wave

Alt J: Awesome Wave (to spur creativity)

Alt-J proves that experimental rock didn’t end in the 70’s. Put on An Awesome Wave when you need something strange and beautiful.

Some albums just feel like a great playlist– not this one. The album doesn’t just contain great tracks. The way Alt-J weaves interludes between melodies makes this feel like a complete album.

2. Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced?

Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced? (to spur creativity)

The album starts with the classic stoner anthem Purple Haze and is nothing but bangers. Seriously, if you have not listened to this album in its entirety, treat yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Our favorite tracks on the album are Foxey Lady followed by the album’s title track. Hendrix pours his passion into a fiery performance. Trying to inspire a little steamy action? Put this on.

1. Funkadelic: Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow

Funkadelic: Free Your Mind... and Your Ass Will Follow

And finally, we have Funkadelic. Honestly, any of their albums will inspire creativity. They’re all psychedelic, funky, and full of infectious creativity.

But for our top choice, we have Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow. According to George Clinton, the idea behind this album was to “see if we can cut a whole album while we’re all tripping.” The result is quite inspiring.

Put this on when you are ready to find the kingdom of heaven within. It starts as a slow burn that really builds with some heavy guitar riffs by the legendary Eddie Hazel. Do beware, you will require a proper dance floor for the amount of funk this album brings.

So there you have it, guaranteed! 10 albums that will spur creativity while you’re high. Did you discover a new favorite artist? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

FAQ: Spur Creativity While

Q1: What type of albums are featured in this blog post?

A1: This blog post features 10 albums that are specifically chosen to spur creativity while you’re high.

Q2: What kind of music is featured in these albums?

A2: The albums featured in this blog post span a variety of genres, including rock, hip-hop, electronic, and more.

Q3: How can these albums help with creativity?

A3: Listening to these albums while high can help to open up your creative pathways and inspire new ideas.

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